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Boot Sizing Guide Brought to you by Boot Lovers and Lane Boot Co.

Lane Boots fit true to size. We recommend that you purchase the size found most in your closet. Boots should fit snug to your foot. They should be neither too tight, nor too loose. Lane Boots are handcrafted with the finest leather, inside and out, and will mold to your foot. They do not take long to break in. The break-in period will vary depending on the type and thickness of the leather.

            Sizing guide

Finding the perfect fitting boot is a uniquely personal experience. High quality, handmade boots may vary in fitment slightly between brands, so we decided to share our boot fit guide, which is a tried and true way to find your boot size and ensure the most comfortable fitment possible. This method will work for western boots, contemporary boots, and most fashion boots or booties. 
When searching for the perfect boots, it’s important to correctly try on the boots to identify an ideal fit. Below is a step by step guide for trying on your boots so that you can feel that much more confident in your online boot purchase. 

The first step for trying on your boots is to place your boot on the ground and slip your foot in.
For more ease, make sure to keep your toes pointed until they meet the sole of the boot.

Keep in mind that your foot should not just slide right in, there should be some resistance as your heel reaches the area your ankle/Achilles will be located. This is called the "heel counter" and is made to fit the shape of the back of your foot. If you feel a distinct “thud” when your heel passes the counter and plants in the sole of the boot, you are on the right track!

The boot should feel snug yet comfortable, like a firm handshake around your foot. You want them not too loose that your foot wiggles around but not too tight that it causes pain and discomfort. The widest part of your foot should roughly match the widest part of the boot. If that is not the case, you may need to size up or down, accordingly. 

Finally, walk around on carpet and observe how much your heels slip.
It is important to walk on carpet (not hard surfaces) to prevent scratching your soles in case you need to exchange or return for any reason. It is normal for the heel to slip up to half an inch but it should still stay in the boot. If your foot slips out of the back of the boot and is easy to remove, you need to size down. 

Try them on with all your favorite outfits to see how they can go perfectly with jeans, dresses, skirts, western or modern wear! Over time, your boots will mold perfectly to your feet and become the most comfortable pair of boots you own.
Remember the high quality leather used in Lane Boots will, over time, stretch slightly and mold to your foot, so you will gain a little wiggle room as you break them in. The sole will become much less slippery after a night on the town as you scuff the bottom of the soles. 

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