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Good boots aren't cheap, and cheap boots aren't good.

Kari Niemann Fuss Wear the Damn Boots

If you've been here for a while, you know how I feel about boots.
*1st- Life is too short to wear ugly boots.
*2nd- Wear the damn boots! Don't save them for a special occasion. It may never come. Remember, life is short,
*3rd- Good boots aren't cheap, and cheap boots aren't good.

These are the Plain Jane Boots by Lane Boot Co. (Available on my website)
Let me tell you a little story about these boots.....

I got them about 2 months ago.
The 1st time I wore them, fresh out of the box, it was in the round pen at horse therapy. I dusted them off, and wore them out a few times. I wore them on a couple trail rides, scraped them up pretty good.

Then... We went to pick up my 25th anniversary present. A cow. Yes, a cow. On my bucket list was "To own a cow with horns" She is a cross between a Texas Longhorn and a Scottish Highland. Her name is Boots. She is just getting her little nub starter horns. I can't wait to see her in her full glory.

The paddock was a MESS. Cowshit everywhere. It had been raining a lot. We had to select her out of about 50 other Longhorns that really had no human contact, since they are free range. The was a lot of "chasing" going on. My boots were a mess.

That was in early June. Since then, I've been wearing them around the yard, doing chores, working in the garden, etc. Today, I decided if I ever wanted to where them out to anywhere "decent" I was going to have to clean them up.

I literally had to chisel the cowshit off them with a butter knife. Then, I had to scrub them with a scrub brush and soap to get the rest of it off. Total time from start to finish, including giving them a fresh coat on mink oil. 10-15 minutes. MAX. It doesn't take real long to bring a good pair of boots back to life.

This it what good boots look like..... Before and after.
1st pic... What they look like new.
2nd pic... after I used them "horsin" around a few times
3rd, 4th and 5th... Post cow shit
6th and 7th.... Today after I cleaned them up.

Moral of the story.....

Buy good boots. They'll treat you well, even if you don't always return the favor.

Happy Trails,


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